Line Dances Classes to resume w/c 3rd August 2020

The country is reopening and lockdown is easing BUT there is still a very real risk of a second wave of CoVid-19 in England. 

I am pleased to annouce both Double C (Tuesdays) and The Super Troupers (Thursdays) week commencing 3rd August 2020. That said, we will be  returning to a new 'normal' that is very different from the old normal. I would suspect these new rules and prcoedures will be in place for 12 months or more.

My top priority will always be to keep you, the dancers safe, whilst practicing the hobby / excercise that we have come to love.   

Summary of changes

Class numbers will be strickly limted in line with social distancing. Sessions will be a maximum of 1 hour and MUST be prebooked / prepaid online. Each session is £3 per person (plus 25p booking fee). In the first instances, to allow as many dancers back as possible, we have restricted bookings to a maximum of 3 sessions per month, per venue, per person. Ie You may book 3 sessions at Clanfield and 3 sessions at Horndean in a calendar month.


Clanfield Memorial Hall, South Lane, Clanfield. PO8 0RB

  • Double C LDC – Beginner Plus                     7.30 to 8.30
  • Double C LDC – Improver                             8.30 to 9.30

 Napier Hall, Portsmouth Road, Horndean. PO8 9NL

  • Super Troupers LDC – Easy Beginner       6.30-7.30
  • Super Troupers LDC – Beginner Plus        7.30-8.30
  • Super Troupers LDC – Improver               8.30-9.30


Tickets can be booked at  Tickets do not need to be printed. 

All sessions will be recorded and live streamed.  In order to access all live streams across the month (available live or to watch back at your leisure) there is a £7 charge through  (subscription service to be launched on 1st August 2020)

Please read our risk assessment and the new rules and procedures (documents below) that form the terms and conditions of booking tickets. 

It is a brave new world. I know these changes may be daunting and the additional costs seem unfair, but this is the only way I can make the classes viable. Rules and Procedures are subject to change as the constantly changing situation and government advice changes. 

If you would like to discuss any of this through please contact me.

Richard Munden

Purple Promotions

07740 360 554

TRA-003 Line Dancing Classes within CoVid Social Distancing Rules

Risk Assessment for The Super Troupers LDC and Double C Line Dance Club

CoVid Rules and Procedures (Ticket Terms and Conditions)

All dancers to read BEFORE returning to their first session back. These form the terms and conditions for ticket bookings and must be adhered to.

Purple Promotions Disclaimer - Version 1

By attending any Purple Promotions event I acknowledge this disclaimer.

CoVid-19 Signage

A selection of signage that you will find in our venues. Venue signage will also be in place and must be adhered to.

Blank Risk Assessment

For my Line Dance Instructor Friends. This is the blank RA form I used. Other forms are available including from HSE

DISCLAIMER from Rich Williams

For my Line Dance Instructor Friends. This is was supplied to me from a working Line Dance Instructor. It is not affiliated with any insurer. Please use it as you see fit.