Our 2020 Charity of the Year is the Cancer Research UK. We have set a huge target to raise of £2,500.

2019 Charity Total - £2,285.80

2019 Charity of the Year
Alzheimer's Society
Date Activity Total
Various Donations for Dances £30.00
Various Thurs Bonus Ball £110.00
Mar-19 Donation £30.00
Apr-19 How many Eggs £70.00
May-19 Only Smarties 20p's £648.70
May-19 Charity Night with Steve Riley £333.60
Jun-19 Rake Charity Night £140.90
Jul-19 Double C Charity Night £124.00
Jul-19 Cuocakes £81.95
Aug-19 Super Troupers Charity Night £140.20
Aug-19 Thurs Bonus Ball £95.85
Sep-19 Charity Night with Tara Henton £104.00
Nov-19 Cliftonville Raffle £50.00
Dec-19 Double C Xmas Card £43.12
Dec-19 Super Troupers Xmas Card £20.10
Dec-19 Double C Raffle £65.00
Annual Rake Loose Change Collection £48.54
Annual Clanfield Loose Change Collection £64.71
Annual Horndean Loose Change Collection £85.13